今年的演讲嘉宾为年度学生时装秀:现代伪装会 阿利森Carosello购物中心,'10。而在卡泽诺维亚,Carosello购物中心是服装设计专业,并极大地参与时尚百货。她是在2009年展会的时装秀导演,“七宗罪”。

Carosello购物中心已在配件行业工作了6年,目前在纽约市的罗马行业工作。纽约时尚之旅类,一类是考察行业的专业人士在纽约,经常访问罗马的行业,Carosello购物中心谈到有关她的工作和行业类。 Carosello购物中心是又惊在展会上发言。她有很多的行业知识和信息中继给学生。 

Carosello also has her own bridal line, Alyson Nicole, which was created in 2009. Alyson Nicole offers a made-to-order line of accessories available for purchase at, but Carosello says the best thing about her bridal business is the bespoke designs. In 2016, Carosello won the Wedding Wire's Couple's Choice award for the NYC area making her one of the top 5% vendors for "Dress & Attire" 和 "Jewelry" categories.

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